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Last Friday night was great. T...

Last Friday night was great. Thank you Nick and Lara to have hosted that evening 😃 I was very happy to meet again some of you and happy to meet new people as well 😊
We first met at the metro and head to the restaurant the food was very good and the bar as well. The drinks, the music, the atmosphere and the people ~~ thank you again Nick and Lara~~ 😊

지난주금요일밤에 Nick과 라라 호스트했다. 둘이 이 이벤트를 호스트해줘서 감사해요 ~ 덕분에 좋은 시간을 보냈다. 그때도 이미 친구들 4명이 있고 새로운 친구들도 만났다. 바비큐가 완전 맛있고 바도 좋았다 ✨🥳 고맙고 다음 이벤트 기대해요 😊 Nick과 라라 완전 좋은 호스트다~~🎉